Coon Rapids has been my home for all of my life

I am dedicated to making my life long home of Coon Rapids the best place to live, raise a family and to own a business.

I grew up here, I went to school here, I am raising my children here. Know that every decision I make will be one that I myself will have to abide by for the long haul.

I believe in equity, simplicity, and sustainability within our local government. Coon Rapids needs to be a place where everyone can call it home and diverse housing options will help us achieve that goal. As an elected body, the Council should be furthering a sense of transparency and openness; everyone deserves to be heard. Our city has made great strides in it’s sustainability efforts but now is the time to continue those investments that lower our annual operating costs.

Civic Representation

Since January 2017, I have served on the Transportation Advisory Board to the Metropolitan Council as a board member, representing the citizens of 26 cities in the metropolitan area and the majority of Anoka County. This board directs federal investments in our local roads, trails, and mass transit which directly serve our communities.


Local Engagement

In January 2019, I was appointed to the Coon Rapids Planning Commission where I have advocated for continued development within the city. From a small home business to large apartment complexes, growth and renewal is the key to the long term well being of our city.


Equity Work

In my time on both the Coon Rapids Planning Commission and the Transportation Advisory Board to the Metropolitan Council, I have worked to further equity in both the metro region and in Coon Rapids. Workforce housing, transit oriented development, and investments in under served communities have all been a focus of mine in these roles and I have been able to make improvements at each step of the process. I will work to ensure that everyone has equitable access and opportunity to live in our city, to work in our city, to volunteer in our city, and to enjoy the city’s many amenities.

Professional Experience

Working for a large multinational corporation as an auditor and IT specialist has given me the tools and skills I need to understand complex rules and polices and to make them productive to shared goals. Like most jobs, teamwork is the key to success and effective teamwork starts with communication. I believe that talking with citizens, staff, and business owners is the key to seeing our growing city continue to thrive and develop. From the smallest line item to the largest policy, I have worked on them all and have brought them to success.

Watch the Primary Forum

If you’d like to know more about my view of the future for Coon Rapids, watch the League of Women Voters – ABC Candidate Forum

Watch the General Forum

The League of Women Voters hosted a second forum in late August. Watch the video here.